Potential Winter Weather Collection Delay During Two Week Holiday Season

Norfolk County’s Environmental Services Division and its garbage and recycling collection contractors are preparing for any potential bad weather over the Christmas Holiday season and are providing the following information in advance.

When there is heavy snow or heavy winds, the garbage and recycling contractors will attempt to collect garbage and recycling as usual.  If you can save your material until the next week, please do so.  If a winter storm comes up and hazardous weather and driving conditions exist, any collection cancellation information will be posted on the Norfolk County website and circulated to the media once a decision to cancel the collection has been made.

Over the two week period of Christmas and New Years, collection routes are already adjusted to accommodate the holidays.  If a winter storm occurs over that same time period, additional adjustments have to be made.  Generally you can expect that:

-       the GARBAGE collection contractor will collect that remaining day’s garbage routes on the next day and along with that days’ schedule’s routes as per the Holiday Collection Schedule.

-       for RECYCLING, when that day’s routes are cancelled please hold your recyclables until next week and set out as usual, and follow the circulated Holiday Collection Schedule.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. For information about the Holiday Collection schedule visit the County website at:  www.norfolkcounty.ca.

Here are some other collection tips to consider during winter storms, bad weather and extreme wind conditions:

-       please consider keeping your material until the following week,

-       lighter routes will cause earlier pickups, that’s why we remind you to have the material out by 7 am

-       getting the trucks off the road will help reduce hazards for snow clearing procedures

-       if you have over flow of recyclables, use a similar sized box or laundry basket

-       don’t put your material out where the snow plow will hit it or cover it, it won’t get collected

-       shovel out an area of snow that is level to place your material on, snow banks at the side of the road sometimes make it difficult to put your material out close to the roadside and in turn could result in missed collection

-       do not place your materials on top or behind a snow bank- the drivers can’t always reach them, may miss them or slip and fall when trying to reach them, or the material will blow or roll away

-       Keeping the roads clear of collection vehicles and material helps reduce hazards for winter control operations, emergency vehicles and essential travel by the public.

Posted: December 20, 2013